MetroIPC’s facilities and software based network incorporates the latest technology in both physical and software defined networking (SDN) providing superior service for our customers.

  • Monitored continuously for real-time troubleshooting and analytics
  • Class of service pricing and options
  • Swift implementation and optimization

Cloud-based services help to better manage your business – while keeping costs low.



MetroIPC offers same-day DID provisioning from our expansive inventory of phone numbers. Add numbers in bulk, or choose the specific ten-digit number that suits your requirements.  Our provisioning process quickly updates routing and billing, ensuring speed to delivery and an accurate invoice each time. We offer a session-based model so you can effectively utilize capacity to drive your cost basis lower!

  • Need to quickly access or search your current DID inventory? Export your inventory into Excel or search the online database of numbers already assigned to your account
  • Need to make routing changes in order to receive traffic on an alternate trunk group? Our customer-friendly portal facilitates fast updates to routing without impact to service.
  • Need to disconnect numbers that your team no longer needs? Simply login to your account from any computer and give back the numbers you no longer require.
  • Need to port numbers in to MetroIPC? Our portal-based, will have your numbers moved quickly and securely, helping you add revenue or cut costs in no time.



Better call quality, fast implementation, high ASR’s, accurate billing, and access to invaluable reporting tools doesn’t have to cost more.

  • Virtualized call routing and enabled network elements, eliminate cumbersome hardware components that slow provisioning and introduce points of failure. This allows us to optimize traffic flows and implement real-time calls routing.
  • Our software-defined network facilitates bandwidth-on-demand which means precise provisioning and no wasted network resources.  And enables fast turn-up of network and our auto-provisioning process ensures billing accuracy.
  • Real-time analytics in call detail records puts you in control NOW. No waiting for an invoice or internal support staff to keep you informed.